Annual Report 2009/2010

Due to the current financial climate there has been little fund raising activity, with the focus on using all resources to pay for the shipping of operational replacement vehicles which have an urgent need in the Gambia. In the last financial year, 6 commercial vehicles were shipped together with a large container.

The only visit to take place was self funded by the Patron David Hutchings and Chief Fire Officer / Chief Executive, Kevin Pearson, to attend the National Fire Service Day in Banjul and the opening of a new health clinic at Serrakunda.

Changes to Trustees during the period included the resignation of Claire Hutchings; the appointment of Councillor Terry Walker and Mr Christopher Millard as Trustees; and the appointment of Helen Howells as Secretary to the Trust.

Over the next 12 months it is anticipated that the 8 remaining Renault min-liners will be delivered, therefore the emphasis remains in ensuring we can cover the shipping costs. It is hoped that further training will also be arranged, with a focus on maintaining equipment, along with training skills.

 The situation in the Gambia remains unchanged and the impact of the financial restrains experienced the UK can be witnessed across all aspects in the Gambia, and poverty continues to be evident within the towns.

 Congratulations must go to the President and the Government of the Gambia, for the opening of a new fire station at Faraenia, which is half way up the country and serving the north bank.

 It has been a challenging period for the Trust. The Trustees are grateful for the continued efforts of all those involved in the work of the charity.

 David Hutchings