Our Supporters

There are many groups and individuals that make our work possible and below we list some information about a few of them.

The Avon Fire Authority donate the fire appliances and equipment. All the goods donated have finished their working life here and are of an almost nil value to anyone in the UK but have a further working life of between 7 and 10 years in The Gambia. They were encouraging from the start and have continued to support this worthwhile venture with utmost enthusiasm. Again particular thanks have to go to Cllr Terry Walker, Chair of the Fire Authority for his stoic support and pragmatism.

Some of the many organisations and individuals that make GAFSIP possible

GAFSIP has recived many private anonymous donations, donations in voluntary contributions, material contributions and time spent working for GAFSIP! A sincere Thank You to all organisations and supporters from myself, trutees and more importantly The People of The Gambia.

David Hutchings Patron and Chair of Trustees