The key outcome is the provision of a life saving fire and rescue service which also renders humanitarian services to their communities, together with disaster management and recovery, across 12 fire stations providing these services in each division of The Gambia.

It has also provided over 800 jobs, which give those families dignity and respect in their communities and supports their country’s objective of capacity building throughout the provinces.

We also aim to facilitate education and training in all formats utilising support from Fire and Rescue, Education and Health Authorities. To date 20 Gambian Officers have attended extended training here in the UK, and Avon Officers have given in excess of 200 weeks training in The Gambia.

Health Authorities have given Ambulances, wound dressings, stretchers and bedding, together with all other manner of medical care and treatment materials, which has included a mobile Dentist Surgery and training.

Education Authorities have given books, teaching aids and chairs. The 2005 shipment included 16 tonnes of primary school books, 150 teaching computers, together with redundant school furniture and a quantity of chalkboards which Avon’s fire-fighters made up.

These education materials were all personally delivered to 25 schools in The Gambia. Additionally, some educational materials and sewing machines were donated to a Women’s Education and Support Group. These resources will aide up to 30,000 children, giving access to books and Information Technology.

All equipment etc is donated and all time is freely given, there are no administration costs of any sort and all visits are self funded. GAFSIP ensures that every item donated is given directly to the schools in greatest need, as identified by The Gambia Department of State for Education



The Commander of The Republic of The Gambia” was awarded to David Hutchings Patron, the nation’s highest civil award and the first time this award made to a non National.
“The Insignia of the Commander of the Republic of The Gambia” was awarded to Avon Fire Authority and Avon Fire & Rescue Service in 2010.
2003 Patron received The Paul Harris Fellowship from Rotary International
2006 GAFSIP received the South Gloucestershire Community Award