gambian firefighter


Gambia and Avon Fire Services in Partnership is a Charitable Trust and is the new name for a cooperative venture which has been in existence since 1991 between Avon Fire and Rescue Service and The Gambia Fire and Ambulance Service.

The GAFSIP charities objectives are

The preservation and protection of health by the provision of Fire, Rescue vehicles and equipment to The Gambia enabling them to provide a life saving and humanitarian service.

To advance education in relation to all aspects of preserving and protecting health for the benefit of the public of The Gambia.

GAFSIP will continue to raise funds by way of corporate and individual donations to enable the charity’s role within The Gambia. The charity will maintain liaison and good relations with the organisations that support our role and objectives, i.e., Avon Fire Authority, Avon Fire and Rescue Service, Local Education Authorities, SerCo and Airbus UK.

GAFSIP will maintain a list of volunteers to visit The Gambia on a voluntary basis for training purposes.